What we do

  • Business development
  • Strategic advisory services
  • Project management

Business development

SoVenture helps European businesses and investors, and West African entrepreneurs develop sustainable, scalable businesses that cater to local markets in West Africa. SoVenture also provides support to West African entrepreneurs seeking finance for growth or a European partner. Primary working area is the Mano River Union: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Ivory Coast.

Key services:

  • Source and evaluate investment opportunities;
  • Market research;
  • Draft business plans, seek out partners, financing;
  • Seminars and presentations about doing business in specific countries;
  • Customized business and employee development programmes.

Strategic advisory services

SoVenture provides advice on strategic issues in the field of entrepreneurship, market positioning and local economic development. Clients are SMEs, public authorities and institutions. SoVenture also supports SMEs wishing to take their first steps in West Africa and vice versa: West African businesses that want to take their first steps in Europe.

Key services:

  • Strategic policy advice
  • Strategic business advice
  • Socio-economic market research

Project management

SoVenture offers project management in various fields. Core is always that different parties should be guided towards a common goal. Think of support for strengthening the economic structure, the market launch of a product in Europe or the overall coordination of tendering processes.

Our vision

Fair and just entrepreneurship

Being in control. Having your hands on the wheel. SoVenture believes it is important that people be able to take substantive decisions that ensure economic independence. Irregardless of whether that person is an entrepreneur in West Africa or in Europe. By supporting entrepreneurship and developing local and regional economies, people start taking action and exerting more control over their own lives.

In this, fair and just entrepreneurship are important core values to SoVenture.


“I get things done.”

about 1 SoVenture was founded by Tonia Dabwe, daughter of Dutch-Liberian parents. Deeply rooted in both cultures, her solid financial background, large international network, experience in the business, government and nonprofit sectors, and her personal passion, enable her to create sustainable economic connections. Connections that lead to fair and just entrepreneurship and a win-win situation for both the investor and the local or regional market in West Africa. But also for SMEs and other organisations in the Netherlands dealing with strategic business issues.

Tonia warms to complex and challenging assignments which allow her room to deliver on her personal mission: empowering people to take (more) control of their own future. She approaches these issues in an analytical, strategic and results-oriented manner.

about 2 Tonia receives the International African Woman of the Year 2013 award in London for work done by her NGO Mineke Foundation in Liberia.



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